Avocet is the Innovation DSP: delivering digital advertising that changes behaviour and drives revenue in the real world.
Founded in 2014 as a response to an ecosystem with ever-multiplying players and without the evolving technology to match, Avocet leads programmatic into the future of advertising with advanced capabilities at its core. Launching  as the first DSP with in-built viewability scoring, market-leading fraud protection and viewability-based attribution, the underlying principle of Avocet is that only the ads seen by a consumer have the power to change their behaviour.
Avocet’s Prediction Engine is a model of the internet, mapping every site and every user to deliver untouchable and  constantly evolving performance. Discover and enhance the true efficacy of your advertising with Incrementality – the only metric that matters, only available in Avocet.
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KEYNOTE PANEL: Spotlight on women in ad tech – closing the gender gap in leadership positions and paving your way to C-suite

Dora Michail / Dora Michail / Managing Director, Digital, Telegraph Media Group

Sarah Wood / CEO and Co-founder, Unruly

Cadi Jones / Commercial Innovation Director, Clear Channel Outdoor

Renée Mellow / Head of Emerging Digital Activation, EMEA, MediaCom

Anna Leigh Kennedy / Product Marketing Director, Avocet